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Introduction: Fabric Wall Art

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This is cool way to add style to any room. You can make this in any size you choose. I made mine with 1 yard of fabric. The material of the fabric doesn't really matter. I added the fabric to a piece of cardboard. You could also added it to a piece of wood. This doesn't require many tools or time. There are a few different ways to hang this also.

This is what i use to attach the fabric

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

fabric one yard

card board


tape measure


flat surface


Step 2: Making

I had an old poster that was coming off the card board so i used that. I did have to trim this down so that there will be enough fabric to wrap behind it. Making this is pretty straight forward. It's kinda like rapping a present. The key thing is to make sure the fabric flat on the front and on the back were your going to pin it. Make sure you have at least two inches on all sides for folding over. Cardboard works great because the pins stick good into it. If your fabric is wrinkled you can iron before making. make sure your the fabric is facing out ward the way you want it on your cardboard. Center your fabric so there the same amount on each side. Fold it over flat like wraping a present and pin down to the cardboard. Pin down fabric along the top where you folded it over. Then go to the bottom and pull the fabric tight, and fold over and pin down. Then go along both sides and pin the fabric to the card board. I pinned the fabric at an angle so the pin held but did not stick out the front the side. Then just hang it on the wall. since i used an older poster it had a thing to hang it Otherwise could tack it.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is a great idea! Such a simple way to add a little color to a room. Very nice!