Introduction: Face Shield for Kits of 100

Get Scissors, a Stapler, and make sure you have at least 600 staples per 100 shields that you will make. We will supply staples. (Please use ours, as we bought premium staples that will work better for plastic)

While the shields will not be sterile, the cleaner you can make them the better.

Clean workspace and tools with spray (Clorox or equivalent, as not all sprays kill Coronavirus) or rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol in at least 70% concentration.

Also, making these works best in an assembly line fashion, completing all of one step before moving onto the next. However, please make one start to finish, and email me a picture at before continuing on.

Just a note, I have included a sample in each kit, but the dimensions of the plastic may be different than the plastic that you are using. Just use the sample as a rough idea, and not an exact model.

Also, the pictures have the oval cutouts removed from the foam, but it is recommended to keep these in place!

Step 1: Cut Elastic

Cut elastic to just over 13 inches. This is not exact, but try to keep it pretty close to it.

When in a roll, the elastic is secured by a pin, so be careful.

Step 2: Trim

Trim corners on plastic sheet according to picture above.

Two corners will have a larger amount taken off, and two will have a VERY SMALL amount taken off.

Use the model as a rough guide for cutting corner size, but know that the model is not exact.

Wearing a cloth glove during this step is recommended, as it will greatly reduce fingerprints, which are hard for the doctors to clean off.

Step 3: Prep Foam

Peel adhesive backing from foam.

Unlike in the picture, do not remove oval cutouts in the foam! Make sure that the adhesive backing comes off of the ovals AND the rest of the foam, as you will have to peel those separately.

Step 4: Stick Foam

Stick foam along the side with the pair of VERY SLIGHTLY cut corners. Try to center it as best as possible.

Use model as a rough guide, but it is not exact.

Tip: Stick a piece of tape to a table to show you where to line up the foam.

Step 5: Staple Part 1

Line elastic up with foam, with the loose end going away from the shield. Place the end that will be stapled approx 1/4 inch away from foam strip.

Place 2 horizontal staples, and 1 vertical. Use model as guide.

Step 6: Staple Part 2

Take loose end, and staple the same way as you did for the first end.

This part is a little tricky, so make sure that the elastic looks the same as it does in the model.

Step 7: Packaging Part 1

Take 5 shields and line up as shown above.

Step 8: Packing Part 2

Take another 5 shields, and stack them as shown above.

Step 9: Packing Part 3

Place shields in box as shown above. Make sure that the foam strips are vertical, like in picture.

Please return all unused parts!