Introduction: How to Make a Face-mask From Just 1 Sock

Today I'm am going to make a face-mask from just 1 sock.

Step 1: Get Your Materials

For this face-mask you just need 2 materials.

1x scissors

1x sock


Step 2: Cut Your Sock

It doesn't matter if you have a long sock or a short sock. If you have a short sock (so till ankle length) it's the best, but it's also fine with a long sock.

With a long sock:

Look where the heel is. If you have found the heel, you cut 3 cm above the heel. That is the side where the opening is.

With a short sock and the 'cut' long sock:

Cut 3 cm under the heel. With a long sock it should look like this in the picture. With a short sock it should look like in the picture without the top part. The middle part is the only thing you keep. The rest you can throw away. Check if the middle part has the good length for your face. Otherwise cut something off.

Step 3: Cutting the Edge

On the side where there is no heel, you cut. You need to cut it like this, so you can fold it open. As you can see in the first 2 pictures. Now, fold it horizontally.

Step 4: Making the Ears

Once you have fold it horizontally, get your scissors. Then, cut like 1 cm from the edge up, but DON'T cut everything. If you have big ears, cut more. If you have small ears, cut less. Once you have done that, cut diagonally from the edge till the top so you have a triangle. Be aware: DON'T CUT IN THE LINE OF YOUR FIRST CUT! If you have done it correctly, you should have like a little round that can go around your ear. Do this also at the other side and your face mask is done!

Step 5: Final Result

It should look like this. This is your face mask.

Step 6: Videos

Here are 2 short videos. Part 1 and 2. Enjoy watching!