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Introduction: Facebook Costume

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Ok, I know this is really cheesy, but that is kind of how I roll. I was going to a Halloween party and didn't plan a costume for myself. So, I tried to think of the easiest and quickest costume possible. (Que "The Office" theme song) There was a Halloween special where Jim was Facebook.

Darryl: You're not as scary as Bookface over there.
Jim: Yes. I am the popular social networking site known as Bookface.

Step 1: Items Needed:

  • One Face
  • Paint (I used black poster paint)

Step 2: How To:

Just have someone write "BOOK" on your face. And that is pretty much it. You are Facebook incarnate!

Step 3: More Awesomeness:

Fun Networking:
Before the party make some business cards that say "Friend Request," with the web-link to your Facebook page. I also added my Instructable page and my YouTube Channel.

People's Reactions:
There were over 600 people at that party and everyone reacted in 1 of 3 ways.
1. "Book?" So I would give them a "Friend Request" which was followed by a "Oh, Facebook. Good One :-)"
2. "Hey, Jim from The Office." Fellow Office fans.
3. "Um, Book Face?" So I got to say Jim's quote, "Yes. I am the popular social networking site known as Bookface."

So when you need the ultimate quick and easy "costume," you can go as the pop culture iconic bookface... I mean Facebook.

Step 4: Info

For Fun and Geeky Videos, check my YouTube Chanel www.youtube.com/geekguymj

In the Comments below, feel free to share your favorite "The Office" moment or how people reacted to you being Facebook.
I hope you enjoyed this.

Step 5:

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