Introduction: Facebook Notifier - Project Geek #2

Perfect project for geeks who are looking for a cool desktop gadget. It's a simple desktop facebook notifier.

The project is made using 8051 micro controller, but can be easily ported to other micro controllers or arduino.

The desktop app is written in python.

Things you'll need

  • 8051 microcontroller board and microcontroller
  • PL2303 USB serial interface
  • Jumper Wires
  • LED
  • BC558 PNP transistors
  • Soldering iron
  • Old Books
  • Printer
  • Glass/Acrylic
  • USB cable
  • Scissors, Scale, Tape, Glue etc
  • Loads of patience

Project did not come out as awesome as expected. Couple of suggestions before you go for this project.

  • Use a plastic case
  • Try Decal instead of a paper printout
  • Use acrylic instead of glass

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Step 1: Build the Outside Box

I have used cardboard from an old book. You can use a plastic casing if you have any or can try with other materials

Step 2: Electronics

Electronics used

  • 8051 microcontroller board
  • PL2303 USB serial interface
  • LED's
  • BC558 transistor
  • Jumper wires

I have connected 5 LED's to transistors and connected them directly to the 8051 microcontroller

I have used PL2303 for USB interfacing. One of the most awesome devices i have ever purchased. It's really cheap and drivers for this device is present in most computers by default. It has a 5v and 3.3v output, which is perfect for connecting 5v to my microcontroller and 3.3v to my led's.

The interface is very very simple.

Step 3: Final

Place the electronics in the enclosure box made from cardboad. Print the facebook image onto a paper and stick it to the glass. Place the glass on top of the enclosure.

Enjoy your project

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