Facebook the Easy Way

Introduction: Facebook the Easy Way

This is a walk through of how to use Facebook. It will go through all of the important parts of Facebook. Things such as notifications, messages, friend requests, blocks, groups, etc.

Step 1: Log in Page

Usually people stay logged into facebook because it can be a real hassle to have to log back in all the time. If you ever have to log back in make sure to keep your username and password well documented. However, even if you do forget one or the other you can always change them.

Step 2: Notifications & Friends

Notifications are when facebook is telling you that someone is posting something, commenting on a post, or liking one of your posts/comments. Facebook doesn't always notify you when one of these happens, so you might want to check your feed regularly. However, you can go onto a friend's page, scroll over the Friends button and click where it says "Get Notifications". This will show you all of their posts. Likewise, if you don't want notifications from them then you can click that same button and the check will disappear. As for the friends list it basically tells you if they are online or not. You can search friend's names in the box to bring up your private messages. It also will bring up people with related names that have a certain amount of mutual friends. A mutual friend is someone who is friends with both you and someone else. This is a good way to judge whether or not you should accept a friends request from someone.

Step 3: Messages

This is pretty straight forward. These are all of your private messages. You can go back and look at any message sent or received in the past. It also has the nifty green dot/phone icon to let you know if someone is online or not.

Step 4: Friend Requests

In the very top of the friend requests box it shows recent requests you've sent out that have been accepted by those people. Next, it shows friend requests sent to you. Last of all, it shows people that you may know. In order to send a friend request you can go to someone's page and click "Add Friend".

Step 5: Personal Info & Posting

Only people in your friends list will get information such as where you live and all that stuff. And even then you don't need to fill out a lot of that personal information stuff. As for posting there will always be a text box at the top of your news feed, or on your home page. The same goes for if you're posting in a group. The text box will be at the very top. You can post with words as well as with emoticons such as smiley faces, thumbs, etc.

Step 6: Friends & Photos

These both show all of your friends and photos. The Photos have three options: Photos of (insert name), (insert name)'s photos, and Albums. All of which are pretty self explanatory.

Step 7: Groups

This one is pretty easy. This is just a list of groups that you are in. If you click on any of them it will bring you into the group.

Step 8: More Groups & Blocked Users

In order to join a group you will need to be permitted by an admin. Blocked users won't be able to see any of your information or even get to go to your home page. Blocked users also can't contact you. And the same goes vice versa.

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