Fairy Lights

Introduction: Fairy Lights

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Do you have random jars lying around your house? This instructable will show you how to add a little pizzaz to your home with these jars!


  • A glass jar
  • A string of lights

Step 1: Gather Supplies

This is an easy step. Just look around your house for the things listed above.

Step 2: Assembly

This part is also very simple. Once you have gathered all the supplies, open the mason jar. Slowly unravel the lights and on the inside of the jar, carefully rewrap them as close to the wall of the jar as you can. Be sure to go in a spiral pattern, or else it might look wierd. But if you want to, get creative and break the mold I'm making! Just make sure it looks pretty! But also, be sure to leave a little cord at the end to plug it in to an outlet to light it up!

Step 3: You're Done! :)

Once you have put all the lights inside the jar, close it. If you want, you can leave it open and plug it in every once in a while. This will surely make a great centerpiece and attract all the attention at parties!

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