Introduction: Fall Table Centerpiece

Hi I'm Maverick12 and fall is quickly approaching. It's my favorite time of the year; jeans and sweatshirts, pretty leaves, and pumpkins. This simple fall table centerpiece is something I put together using an old pallet I had laying around.

Step 1: Breaking Apart the Pallet

I'm using a pallet made from 1x4 boards. It's got a weathered look to it, so I don't think I'll be painting it later.

I'm trying to pick boards that are fairly straight and lacking in brokenness.

First, use a small crowbar. Slide the flat end under the edge of the board you wish to remove. Using the crowbar as leverage, press down and force the board up. This particular pallet was put together with nails that were easy to remove.

Step 2: Make a Box

Next we will make the box using the boards from the pallet.

First we will make the bottom. I'm using two boards, measured marked and cut at 2-1/2 ft.

I tacked them together using a brad nailer. Careful! The boards are thin so you have to make sure you tack it in the center.

Next, cut two more boards at 2-1/2 ft. These will become the sides. Tack these together using a brad nailer as well.

Measure between the two sides. Cut two boards at this length. Tack these together on the sides.

There's a box!

Step 3: Now Fill.

I filled my box with a foliage I found at a craft storage. Then I added some fake pumpkins and three candles.