Introduction: Fall Wooden Candle Holders

Fall is by far my favorite season but its so hard to get in the festive spirit since the leaves don't change colors and the temperature doesn't drop here in Hawaii. To remedy this, I go overboard decorating my house for fall and thanksgiving. A staple fall decoration in any house are candles! Especially scented candles! So I thought I would make a candle that felt, looked, and smelled like fall. In this instructable I am going to be taking you through the process of my candle making and hopefully helping you make one yourself!


Difficulty: 5/10

Time: 1 day


You Will Need:

2.5 - 3 inch diameter log (use a wood that's not too hard)

Chop saw

Drill press

Large forstner bit

Palm sander

Sand paper

Hand saw

Safety goggles

Dust mask


Candle scent

Candle wick

Step 1: Cut Wood Log Into Smaller Pieces

I used a hand saw first to cut the big log in half and then I used the chop saw to cut it into the pieces I wanted. I suggest doing different heights to add some variation. You might want to mark the log first so the cuts are even and not slanted (a mistake I made).

Step 2: Drill Hole in Top

Mark the center of the log with a pencil to help guide you. Use a clamp like the one I did to hold your piece in place. I suggest using a drill press because it's more accurate and a lot easier.

Step 3: Sand Down

Sand down the top and bottom of the wood log with a palm sander. After, use a finer sand paper to sand down the wood even more to make it smooth.

Step 4: Finish It With Varnish and Let Dry

Finish the top and bottom so that it won't burn when you burn the candle. (just use an old rag). Let it dry for a couple hours at least.

Step 5: Candle Wax

If you want to go the easy way out you can just buy a candle and stick it in there. If you want to customize it a little more you can melt down some beeswax with a bit of a crayon for color, and some candle scent for fall. I used a double broiler but you can just use a microwave safe bowl (don't use a nice one) and put it in the microwave for 30 second intervals.

Step 6: Pour Wax Into the Candle Holder

Carefully, pour some candle wax into the hole and place the wick into the wax (Trim the wick before) and hold it until the wax cools slightly. If you are impatient, you can stick the candle in the fridge for a half an hour.

Step 7: Place in Your House and Enjoy!!

I put mine in my living room so visitors and my family could enjoy my candles! Because these candles are made from wood you should not leave them unattended.