Introduction: Famous Chocolate Mousse

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This recipe is from my mother. She has had a lot of success with it, for more than 25 years! Whenever there was a dinner party @ my parent’s house, there was the famous chocolate mousse! ;) Ooh yes! MMM!

I love this recipe because, it is utterly delicious, you can prepare it beforehand & it is so easy to make too. I am lactose-intelorant & there is NO CREAM in it! It is a little bit lighter, but has a lot of flavour! The sweetness is just right, it melts into the mouth! It doesn’t have EGG YOLKS either, that can make the mousse a bit heavier. You can serve this with some seasonal fruit on top, if you want, but the dessert itself doesn’t need it. :) Enjoy, sweeties!

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients: Only 3!

For 4 persons


3 egg whites, (use the 3 egg yolks for a fancy omelet, I did! :)

100 gr. dark chocolate, at least 72%.

3 levelled tablespoons of fine white sugar (44 gr)

Step 2: Melt Your Chocolate Au Bain Marie!

1. Break chocolate into smaller pieces & place into a metallic bowl & put this onto a pot of boiling water. Fill the pot with a thin layer of water. The water mustn’t touch the metallic bowl. this is called: au bain marie. Stir & let the chocolate melt completely.

Step 3: Whip Egg Whites & Add Sugar to It.

Put egg whites in bowl of your Kenwood Major & whisk egg whites until stiff. You know when they are ready when you can put the stiff egg whites in the bowl upside down! It took me 1 minute on full-speed, that is speed 6 on my Kenwood major. Turn machine back on & add sugar gradually. Whisk again until the sugar is all mixed in. This only took the machine 30 seconds. This is my lovely Kenwood Major, see picture above!

Step 4: Fold Melted Chocolate Gently Into the Whipped Sugared Egg Whites

When the chocolate has been melted, turn heat off. Add spoonfuls of the melted chocolate to the egg whites. Fold gently together with a metallic spoon because you don’t want to push out the air that you have gathered! See that everything is well mixed, also on the sides & bottom of your big bowl. Spoon into lovely ramekins & put into the fridge for a few hours to stiff up. You can also find this tasty recipe here on my blog:

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