Fancy LED Japanese Lanterns

Introduction: Fancy LED Japanese Lanterns

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Here's a way to make fancy Japanese lanterns for your home or RV that are classy!

Step 1: Get a Couple Lanterns From Your Local Discount Japanese Store

I like the looks of the bigger one but the little one has an LED candle in it!! What to do !!?!

Step 2: Assess What You Have

You should have 2 shells with inner props. On the little one, remove the LED unit from the bottom. It's hard to do with out ripping it

Step 3: Tear Down.

Take all the component pieces apart.

One thing that's handy is that the upper ring can be used to align holes you need to poke through the LED unit

Step 4: Cut and Bend the Wire From the Big Lantern

Bend it like so. It took some trial and error to get to this point

Step 5: Poke the Wires Through the Holes

And you've got a hanging LED candle!

Step 6: Install LED and Wire Assembly

It's really that easy! Now you've got a classy looking lantern!
The pic above is one modified lantern and one unmodified

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