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Introduction: Fancy Up Your Bouquet

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Crazy about flowers? What about having the perfect fresh flower bouquet with an original packing?

In this instructable I am teaching you how to create a hand-tied bouquet as well as how to make it look amazing with very few and unexpensive materials.

You can see the whole process in the video attached (I am also describing each step below) and I am sharing also a free-printable with beautiful tagsso you can fancy up your bouquet as the perfect gift.

Enjoy it!

Step 1: Materials Needed

  • 3 main flowers / focal flowers (such as Peonies, Agapanthus, Hydrangeas)
  • 12 secondary flowers (such as Roses)
  • 5 complementary flowers (such as mini Roses, mini Carnations)
  • foliage
  • cellophane
  • water
  • floral preservative
  • green wire
  • ribbon

*You will need a pair of good scissors and a large vase

Step 2: Clean and Cut the Flowers; Organize Them

The first step is to clean the flowers (eliminate all leaves) and cut the stems in a 45° cut, all the same length.

Once flowers are ready, organize them (from left to right) in a table. Organize them in the sequence you want them in your bouquet: the flowers from the left will be the flowers in the center of the bouquet, the flowers in the right will be the last layer of the bouquet.

Step 3: Cross the Flowers, One by One

Hold the first flower with your left hand, then take the next flower and "cross it" over the first one.

Continue this process, after three or four flowers, you will need to turn the bunch to the left (always in the same direction) so you can continue adding the remaining flowers.

Step 4: Ensure It Has the Perfect Shape

One of the characteristics of the hand tied bouquet is its spherical shape. Ensure that all flowers look harmonic and with the right shape. In case one flower is hidden or below the rest of the bunch, don't hold the bouquet too tight in the main point so you can bring out the flower to the desired height.

Step 5: Secure the Bouquet and Trim the Stems

Once you get the perfect shape you need to secure the bouquet with a piece of wire or raffia. This is only to hold the bouquet. The decorative part will be added in the end.

Trim the ends in 45° and ensure it is selfstanding.

Step 6: Place the Cellophane in a Base, Add Water

It is time to prepare the perfect packing!

Use a base to place the cellophane and add water. Water should contain flower preservative so your bouquet can last longer!

Step 7: Place the Bouquet in the Cellophane

Place your bouquet in the cellophane (still in the vase!) and tie it with a decorative lace. Ensure it is tight enough so that the water does not get out.

Step 8: Add Tag, Decorate

Take your hand tied bouquet to the next level by adding a beautiful tag.

Download the free printable of these tags here.

Step 9: You Are Ready!

Enjoy your beautiful bouquet. If you are making it for a gift then be ready to receive lots of compliments!

Remember that flowers LIFT UP THE SPIRIT!

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