Introduction: Fantasy Book Necklace

Hello everyone! This is my tutorial on how to make this Fantasy Book necklace.

You will need:
Red, White, Blue, and Brown clay.

Matte Mod Podge.

Bake & Bond.

Crafting/Floral wire.

Wire cutters.

Toothpick or small ball stylus' and wood tools.

2 small paint brushes.

2 jewelry circle rings.

A lobster clasp.

Exacto knife.

Dark Red and Dark Blue pastels.

Clay roller.

Ultra fine tipped Sharpie

Step 1: Mix It!

To start you will need to mix your red clay with your brown clay, this will make it so the red isn't so bright.

Step 2: Roll It!

Roll out your red clay nice and even.
Then cut the sides to make it into a small rectangle, roughly 2 inches long.

Step 3: It's a Book!

Next roll out some (not all) of your white clay and cut to fit on the right side of the red rectangle, leave some space around the edges.


Grab your blue and white clay, and take off some of the blue clay to use later.

Step 5: THE KRAKEN!!!!!

With the big half of your blue clay, you are going to roll out some tentacles. Skinny at the bottom and big at the top.

Step 6: Twisted!!

Next you are going to grab some crafting/floral wire and twist it, holding the ends together.

It should be as long as the tentacle.

Step 7: THAT'S a WRAP!

Next wrap the tentacle around the wire.

Shape it and smooth it out, bend it to give some movement.

Step 8: PLAY BALL!!

Now mix together the leftover white and blue clay.

Roll out some tiny balls. These will be the suckers.

Step 9: Place'em!

Place the balls on the tentacles, have them get smaller in size as you go.

Step 10: Poke It!!

Next, using a ball stylus or toothpick, put little holes in the balls on the tentacles.

I used my second to smallest ball stylus for the first few top ones, then my smallest ball stylus for the rest.

Step 11: Stick'em!

Next use some Bake & Bond to glue the tentacles to the inside of the book. Squish the top of the tentacles a little bit so they lay better.

Step 12: Sends Chills Down My Spine!

Fold the book and, using a wood tool or toothpick, create the spine of the book.

Use some wire to make a loop for the chain to go through.

Step 13: Dun! Dun! Dun! and Now We Add Some Dust!

Scrape off some powder from the black pastel, use a small paintbrush to dust the powder onto the book and tentacles.

Then, with the blue pastel, do the same thing, but only on the tentacles. In the end it should look old and shaded.

Bake at 275 degrees fahrenheit for 15 mins.

Once out of oven, let sit for 10 mins to cool.

Step 14: Don't Judge a Book by It's Cover...Unless It's Trying to Eat You.

Next use a ultra fine tipped sharpie to write the cover of the book. I wrote "Tales of the Sea." on mine.

NOTE: if you use a normal pen or marker it might smear when adding the sealer.

Step 15: When You're Cold Put on a Coat....or When Your Making Jewelry.

Use a paintbrush and coat the charm in Matte Mod Podge.

Step 16: Got These Chains on Me!!

Cut chain to desired length.

Connect one loop to the end of the chain, then add the charm.

Connect a lobster clasp to the other end of the chain using another loop.

Step 17: Show It Off!!

Ta-da!! You're done!

Step 18:

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