Introduction: Fantasy Dolls for Kids

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Hi its me! Again I haven't been on in a while because of school. But here is a great DIY for KIDS!!!

This DIY came across me when I was playing about with some crafty things, it is a cheap way to make little toys.


Step 1: What Will I Need?

All you are going to need is:

Liquid/hot glue

Small fuzzy pom poms(I used sparkly ones but you don't have to if you don't want to)


Craft-fome preferable the same ocular as the pom pom

Googly eyes

And I don't know what they are called but plastic soft tube things or wires, tooth-picks or the sticks that cotton buds/Qutips are on

Step 2: Prep

If you are using hot glue s witch it on and let it heat up.

To start the prep I cut a small square or circle out of the fome, then cut the pipe things in to arms, a bit for the eye to go on(you can stick the eye on to the pom pom as it is)

Step 3: The Eye...

Put some glue on to the pom pom then stick on the bit for the eye to go on or to the pom pom what ever you want. Then stick on the eye. Let it dry/harden.

Step 4: Arms...

Do the same for the arms, but stick the arms on as you pleas(you don't have to have 4 arms). Let them dry/harden.

Step 5: Finishing...

To finish off put some glue on the bottom of you creature and stick on the fome. It is so your creature stays up-right!

Step 6: FINISHED!!!!!

Now you are finished! Your kids can play with them, you can make sooooo may different ones! You can also make props housing and what ever you want! I do hope that this helped you as it is cheap 'n' easy!

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