Far Flying Paper Dart

Introduction: Far Flying Paper Dart

In this instructable, I will show you how to make a paper dart that when thrown correctly can fly up to 75 to 100 yards. btw sorry for photo quality in advance

Step 1: Stuff Needed

2 pieces of printer paper
glue stick
some form of tape- optional

Step 2: Rolling Paper #1

from one corner of the paper, start rolling. Tighter is better. Yes, I just said that

once all rolled up and you only have a small flap left, apply some glue stick glue to the inside of the flap

roll up the rest and make sure its all glued down

you should now have a thin, slender tube that is fairly stiff

Step 3: Cutting Ends and Making Fins

Cut off both ends of the rolled up tube with scissors so they are square

Take paper #2 and fold it up accordion style two times

Draw out a design for your fins, make sure the narrow end is not wider than the diameter of the tube

cut out the fins so you have one singular fin and two connected ones

cut apart the connected ones so you have three individual fins

Step 4: Attaching Fins to Body

Pinch one end of the tube with three fingers so the tube has a cross-section of a triangle, do this for the entire length of where the fins will be glued

take your glue stick and generously apply glue to the entire tail section where the fins will be mounted

apply the fins one at a time so they are straight and line up with the top of each side of the triangular tube. press down on the fins so they are stuck down good

wait for a minute or two for the glue to dry

take some tape or glue covered paper strip and wrap the fins around at the narrow ends of the fins. Be careful on this step, if the glue is not fully dry or the fins were not attached enough in the previous step, they will slide out of place and will not align correctly

Step 5: Making a Nose Cone

This step is optional, but it will make the dart look mean and it will fly farther.

Cut out a smallish section of paper from paper #2 and roll it up so it forms a sharp cone type shape

Use the same method you used to glue the tube together to glue the nosecone together
(I used a small piece of electrical tape to hold it together, I find it works better)

put it on the tube on the end opposite of the fins to determine where you need to trim the nose cone

cut the nose cone to length

btw- i would make a couple of these because they tend to get bent upon landing

Step 6: Fitting the Nose Cone

Take the end opposite the fins and pinch in both sides of the tube so the nose cone will fit snugly on (should make a figure 8 type shaper)

Now you can either coat the nosecone end with glue and press the nose cone on with the glue, or you can press the nose cone on and use some tape wrapped around to keep the nose cone in place

Step 7: Finished Product and Throwing

Well there you have it

With a good huck, using the throwing method shown in picture 2, this dart fill fly for unimaginable distances, or you can use it for closer range attack and defense of a desk

Have Fun!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    this was damn cool, looks like it's effective if some cardboard parts are used then there's a diy practice arrow XD.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    this is AMAZING. when I made my first one everyone else was just staring at it like 0_o so there were a bunch of people like
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    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    btw how do you delete comments that you posted?


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love makeing darts!!!!!!! darts ftw!!! lol but 4real nice work XD