Introduction: Fat Wolverine Costume- With Retractable Claws

I made a fat Wolverine costume for laughs with working retractable claws.


for claws:

- popsicle sticks

- rubber bands

- yarn


- cardboard

- hot glue

- white sock

-white glove

- blue cloth spray paint

for costume:

-yellow shirt

- white pants

- yellow cloth spray paint

- black cloth spray paint

-black slippers

- yellow socks

- black hats

- fat suit

-wolverine mask

Step 1: Creating the Prototypes for the Claws

I first drew what the claws would look like on a piece of paper and built a rough frame with one claw to see if the mechanics work. During this time I realized that I would have to shorten the string I was using, also I needed to make the claw come out more.

After the single claw prototype was complete I made the first 3 claw prototype to see if I could fit three claws on my hand and have them all work.

Step 2: Final Wolverine Claws

To make the final wolverine claws I drew my hands on a piece of cardboard and cut out the back of them so they would fit perfectly. Then I cut popsicle sticks and glued them on the cardboard, these popsicle sticks were basically the sheaves that the claws would go in. Then I added the rubber bands and the string that I cut.

after the mechanics were done I took white socks and cut them so my hands fit inside. After I got them the right length I spray painted them blue, and did the same thing to some white gloves.

After all this was done I had two retractable wolverine claws

Step 3: Woverine Shirt

For this part I had to cut out a stencil to make it easier to paint on the stripes. After I made the stencil I had my gracias brother wear the fat suit and the yellow shirt as I spray painted black stripes on It. This part was very scary because It could have gone wrong in a lot of different ways, but thankfully it came out great

After the stripes were painted I took to identical black hats and cut the backs of them. After backs were cut off I used liquid stich to stick them on for shoulder pads.

Step 4: Wolverine Pants

No matter how hard I looked I couldn't find yellow pants, so I had to improvise. I got a pair of white scrub pants and spray painted them yellow, then painted the pockets blue.

Painting the pants was very hard because it was quite difficult to make the paint even. To make the paint look more even I took the pants and hand painted them yellow on lighter spots.

Step 5: Final Details

Traditionally, wolverine has black boots, or the suit that he wheres just covers his feet. So to complete the ensemble I got black slippers and yellow taco-socks. Finally the mask I wore was given to me by my uncle.

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