Introduction: Faux Fishing Pole

I made a faux fishing pole out of cardboard because I have a interest in fishing and i thought it would be a fun thing to do for my project.

Step 1: Getting the Supplies You Need

Scissors, exacto knife, Duck Tape, Cardboard, and You will also need the inside cardboard tube of wrapping paper

Step 2: The Reel

First I grabbed a piece of cardboard and I cut to circles out about the same size. And I cut out a rectangular piece of cardboard. I used these pieces to make the basic part of the reel. I rounded the rectangular piece of cardboard and made it into a cylinder I also made a handle so the real looked better then I assembled the reel.

Step 3: The Rod

I used to cardboard tubes for the pole. I cut the the tubes right in the middle of one side the twisted them so the made a spiral shape. I made it so the rod is a two piece which means I can take it apart. Then I hot glued the reel on to finish the fishing pole.

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