Introduction: Feather and Ladder Braid 2 in 1

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This cute Ladder Braid is a beautiful hairstyle that's not that hard to make. It's great for parties, work, school, or even just grocery shopping. It takes approximately 2-8 minutes, depending if you have long or short hair. I love this hairstyle and I hope you love it too!


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Step 1: Materials

To make this Ladder Braid you will need-

• Hair (doll, human)
• 2 Hair Elastics (ponytail holder)
• Brush

Step 2: Feather Braid

To start the ladder braid, you have to start with the Feather Braid. If you just want the Feather Braid, then stop after you finish this step.

To start:

Take a piece of hair from the middle of your head and divide it into three parts. Begin a regular braid, but only do one stitch.

After, like a lace braid, add some hair to the left side, the top strand. So now you should have the left side with added hair. Cross that over the middle strand. Then, grab a tiny piece (the feathers) from the right strand and keep it aside. Take the thicker bottom piece and cross it over the middle strand.

Continue doing this until the end of the opposite ear (the braid is horizontal). When you reach the end, let out the little pieces, and make a normal braid. This is the Feather Braid.

Step 3: Ladder Braid

Take a piece of hair to the right of the braid you did and do one braid stitch.

When you are about to braid the fourth (left) strand, add the feather that you made before (the piece of hair that you left out). The right strand is regular.

Continue the previous paragraph until there are no more feathers left, and then braid the remainder of the hair and secure it with an elastic.

Viola! You're done!

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