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Natalie Shaw has been a member of the Instructables community for almost four years now. While you may not recognize that name, you're sure to recognize her Instructables username: Doodlecraft. When Natalie first started posting on Instructables, she was already a pro. Having her own blog, she was used to making and sharing many amazing projects and her first project on Instructables (DIY Rocket Jet Packs) snagged her a prize in the Maker Moms Contest!

136 projects and 56 contest wins later, she has become a prolific and notable author on Instructables! She's all over the board too, making both scrumptious treats and stunning pieces of furniture. There is so much that could be said about her, but I'll let her say it herself. Check out her interview below to learn more about her and her amazing projects!

When did you first start making things? What was your first project/what types of projects were you interested in?

My love of crafting was something I was born with. I remember spending hours painting, coloring, drawing, and sculpting as a child. My mom was super creative and crafty too; so I got that from her. She passed away when I was in high school, but the people that remember her think I am just as crafty as she was, and that I look just like her too!

When I was in kindergarten (age 6), my mom taught me how to sew. My first project was a bean bag frog. After that, I hand-sewed a zoo of different animals, made hair clips, and had the most amazing clay sculpture project in the 5th grade class (voted by the other 5th graders, of course).

My wonderful husband of nearly 16 years, Mike, is my partner in crime. Not only is he hilarious, but he is artistic and creative too, but in a way larger, more ambitious, and more industrial scale! We just bought a house at the beginning of this year (2016) and have spent the year gutting and remodeling it all ourselves. Our three kids are a big help and we homeschool them, so they are learning a lot about construction and demolition this year. :)

Natalie's light-up desk

Tell us about your workspace.

My workspace is always evolving and mutating all over the house, but, currently, I have a cool light-up acrylic desk that my hubby made for me. It is almost always swimming in projects.

You have a great blog, what prompted you to post projects on Instructables as well?

I am a craft and DIY blogger over at Doodlecraftblog. I post fun ideas, kids crafts, jewelry, sci-fi and fantasy geekery, and all sorts of other fun things about 5 days a week. I am constantly being inspired and finding new and fun things to do, but what I lack most is time. If life wasn’t full of meaningless tasks like laundry and dishes, I’d spend every waking minute crafting.

I discovered Instructables back in the summer of 2012. Penolopy Bulnick (aka Nicole) found my blog and sent a message telling me all about Instructables. I was totally intrigued. I was hesitant to post because it felt complicated (it has been much more simplified of a process over the years), but because of the amazing prizes associated with the Maker Mom’s contest, I decided to go for it, figured it out, and posted my first post: Rocket Jet Packs! Since winning the runner-up prize in that contest, I was hooked. I love the atmosphere of Instructables. I love the ever increasing contests and fantastic prizes!


What are some of your biggest sources of inspiration when deciding what to make?

I am often inspired by the contests into making something to fit the theme that I might not have made otherwise. So, I am thankful for the much-needed motivation! Like this Reclaimed Wood Lamp with Himmeli Shade, that won the grand prize in the Lighting Contest in 2014. I never would have made a lamp without this contest as motivation, and I am so glad I did! I’ve also copied things from other makers and done my own take on it, like these Star Wars Droids shoes (based off of Mikeasaurus’s R2D2 heels).

Will you tell us about some of the other designers and/or other Instructablers whose work you admire?

I love following the community and the administrators of Instructables on Instagram too! I feel like they are all my cyber BFFs! I think that is the best part about Instructables, the friendships made with other makers in the community. I have a huge stack of robot shirts and stickers and love them!

What are your goals, plans, or hopes for your future projects?

I have lots of great plans for future projects, I just need the time to do them. If I could make a robot, it would be chained up in the kitchen. I’d like it to prepare all the meals and clean up after itself. If I had that I could spend much more time crafting!

Thanks for taking the time to read about me! I’m excited to get to know you too!

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