Introduction: Felt Flowers

Step 1: What You Need

• 5 ovals
• 6 slightly smaller circles
• 2 stars 1 bigger than the other
• 1 circle for the base
• 1 tiny circle for the middle
(Look in pic)

•needle and thread

Step 2:

Thread all 5 of the ovals onto the thread. Use 2 stitches for each one.

When you've done them all put the needle through the 1st petal again so it makes a circle. Then pull it tighter so the petals tilt upwards but theres still a gap in the middle. Tie the thread.

Step 3:

Sew the flower onto the circle base. If you sew it the other way than its trying to go then it will be a flatter flower at the end, thats what i did.

Step 4:

Now sew the 6 circles the same way with a smaller gap in the middle than before. Then sew it onto the base in the middle of the other petals.

Step 5:

Sew on the biggest star with an x stitch and sew the smaller one on top with the tiny circle right in the middle. Last, you can sew on beads or a button for the middle or just leave it with the circle it looks fine.

Step 6:

If you want it to be a hair clip, cut 2 slits in another circle of felt and slide the clip through. Then sew that circle onto the bottom of the flower. You can also make it a badge or sew them onto a hat or top or whatever you want.

Step 7:

Done :)

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