Introduction: Felt Hat Clock

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Hi, friends!

I would like to share with you a home decoration diy idea: a Felt Hat Wall Clock inspired by Canotier hat shape.

Stay on schedule with elegant, functional and handmade wall clock.

Step 1: Supplies and Tools

  • Felt sheets (2pcs A3 sizes for base)
  • Clock mechanism
  • Black pins
  • Universal glue
  • Hot glue gun
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors and cutter
  • Paintbrush
  • Ruler
  • Pencil

Step 2: Cut Out

Take the cardboard and mark the lines you will need:

- a side band 5cm x 65cm

- 1 circle 20cm diameter for crown/top

- 1 disc 27cm outside diameter, 20cm inside diameter

- 1 disc 27cm outside diameter, 12cm inside diameter. On this disc mark with pencil a cicle 20 cm in diameter from midle, draw an allowance around your cicle (in my case 3mm, the cardboard thickness). And cut out triangle shapes from inside edge until that line.

Note: You can use a different sized plates that fit your design.
It will be more easier to mark lines and cut out the pieces.

Step 3: Assembly

Glue the side band to the base. Take the disc 27cm/20cm and insert it into your construction to make the brim. You will obtain more right forms and a better fixation.
Make a hole on top circle, right in the center, for clock mechanism. Stick top to the side band, and fortify the construction from inside with cardboard strips.

Step 4: Covering

From one felt sheet, cut a circle 20 cm from the top, and begin to glue the remaining part to the brim. Work neatly. Use a pencil to press down the fabric. Turn on the hat and make an incision without reaching the edge, at every 2-3 cm. Overlap and glue. After, glue the side band and last the top of hat.

Don't worry about connections on the fabric, there will be elements of decoration.

Step 5: Ribbon and Bow

Take 2,5 cm wide strip (In my case, green color) and stick it around to the hat with hot glue gun.
Cut 2 bow endings 2,5x15cm, place them to cover conections and fix in this position.

For bow you need a square 9x9cm with rounded corners. Fold it into half to make the bow look proportional, pinch and glue edges together from both sides. Taking the small strip of felt, wrap it around the center of the bow and glue.

Step 6: Flowers

You need about 6-7 flowers, a few leaves, buds and stems.
Place and adjust your flowers (I chose 3 points for flowers arrangements, 1 small and 2 bigger) Then, glue flowers to the hat.

I found very useful instructable with a lot of felt flower designs tokutei12

Step 7: Clock

Cut the felt in center to fit the clock. From the back side insert clock mechanism and on front secure it with the nut. Insert the clock hands, just press a little.

Now mark the exact position of pins. On 12/3/6/9 o'clock pin 3 black pins, and remaining hours i mark with only one. You can use a needle to make holes if your pins don't have a pointed end, like mine. You can use a needle to make holes if your pins don't have a pointed end, like mine. On backside secure the pins endings with a hot glue.

Step 8: Voilà! the Felt Hat Clock Is Ready

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