Introduction: Felt Neko Ears

Neko Ears are a fun iconic way to add a little pizazz to an everyday outfit. They are great for costumes as well as wearing around the house. This instruction tutorial will show you how to make cute neko ears out of felt.

Step 1: What You'll Need

-A hot glue gun with glue stick refills

-Craft foam (Popular color choices include pink, black and white.)

-Felt (your choice of color)

-Scissors (I prefer an X-Acto Knives, but for the common household a standard pair of scissors works just as well)

-A headband

-A marker

Step 2: Getting Started

Being prepared is important. When using hot glue, it is best to do projects on newspaper to avoid spilling on anything. Plug in the hot glue gun to let it heat up before you use it. Make sure all your tools are available. Now we're ready to begin!

Step 3: Step One

Take your craft foam and cut two identical triangular pieces. This will be the inside of your ears.

Step 4: Step Two

Take your felt and cut four pieces that are slightly bigger than the foam pieces you have already cut. Set two of them aside.

Step 5: Step Three

By now, your hot glue gun should be hot enough to use, but be careful to not burn yourself by grabbing the wrong end of it. Now you can take your hot glue gun and apply some to one side of your foam. Before it has a chance to dry, press it onto the felt you already cut. Do the same to the other piece. Make sure you place the foam pieces in the center of your felt pieces.

Step 6: Step Four

Take the extra felt pieces and cut a triangle out of them that is slightly smaller than your foam pieces. This will be the front of your ears.

Step 7: Step Five

Take your hot glue gun again and apply some to the outer edge of the exposed foam and felt. Now you can press the felt pieces on top of the foam. Wait for the glue to dry before going onto the next step.

Step 8: Step Six

Now that the ears are made, it’s time to put them on the headband. Measuring where to put them is important, especially since everyone’s heads are different sizes. So take your ears, marker and headband to a room with a mirror. Put the headband on and hold the ears up to where you want them on your headband. Then take the marker and put a small mark on the headband so you know where to glue them. Then you can take them and glue them on with the hot glue gun. Be sure to hold them in place until they dry on. Note: They will need to bend slightly to fit the headband. Do not worry if you think they will not look right by being bent slightly.

Step 9: Step Seven

Now your ears are finished! Enjoy!