Introduction: Wreath Christmas Ornament

A quick, stash-busting holiday project, this little felted wreath was my 2008 Christmas ornament to give as gifts.


US 15 / 10 mm knitting needles
tapestry needle
lingerie bag
washing machine
old towel
laundry soap
pill bottle or 35 mm film canister (does anyone use those anymore?)
hot glue gun


bulky green feltable yarn (I used Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Bulky)
novelty ladder-style yarn (I used a discontinued yarn similar to Berroco Mosaic)
florist’s wire
red ribbon

Cast on 15 st using your favorite cast-on method (I used a cabled cast-on) with both yarns.

Row 1: * K2, make 1 * repeat until end of row.

Cast off.

With the loose ends of the green yarn, sew the ends together to form a circle. Try to make the join as even as possible, but don’t worry if it isn’t, as the ribbon can cover up any irregularity.

Felt in a washing machine (in a lingerie bag, with hot water and a little soap, no spin cycle).

Squeeze excess water out with an old towel.

Place ornament on pill bottle or 35 mm film canister to dry, so that the inside stretches and dries in the shape of a circle.

When the ornament is dry, cut off any loose loops of the novelty yarn. Glue bow on whichever side is prettiest. Make a hook out of some florist’s wire and attach.

Do post a photo if you use or are inspired by these instructions, I'd love to see what you make!

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