Introduction: Festive July 4th Make Up

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Learn how to paint your face with some festive Fourth designs!

Step 1: Supplies

What you need are:

Paint brushes,


Paper plate (with coating)


Red, white and blue face paint

Paper towels

Cup of water for rinsing brushes

Optional: red lipstick, red lip liner, concealer, glitter, cotton pad

Step 2: Make Your Star Stencil

To make a star stencil

Cut your paper plate in half

Save one half as a surface for keeping your paints,

Draw various sized stars on one half and cut out.

Step 3: Lipstick

This part is optional but it makes nice finished look with the finished makeup

Line your lips with red lip liner, start by drawing a curve on your lower lip and the trace the curves on your upper lip. Fill in with lipstick.

Clean up edges using concealer and a foundation brush.

Step 4: Start With a Base

I had a stick glitter so I added some glitter before added any paint. This is optional. If you have power glitter you can apply it when your design is done.

Start by applying a base of white on either side of your eyes. Make "C" shapes on either side of your eyes and blend.

If using a cream base, work quickly because this dries fast.

Step 5: Start Adding Color

This shows each step of the coloring process. If you get to a point where you like the look you can stop there, If you want to go big, follow on through to the end or add your own pizzazz to the design.

I started with a red swoosh over each eye. Begin near the inner corner of your eye and swoop over your eye brow then put a curl on the end.

Next, add streaks of blue above and below the red swoosh to help accent it. Do the same with white streaks.

Add a dot of blue in the middle of your forehead.

Add some white filigree over the colored streaks and down the sides of your cheek. Add dots on the ends of filigree and as needed on the design. Put three white dots under each eye.

*Hint - when doing streaks, it's okay if different paint colors touch each other. They tend to blend. If they are going the same direction, it can be visually striking. You can practice dotting and dragging bits of white to make filigree beforehand.

Let Dry.

Step 6: Stencil Stars

You can use your star stencil to add accent stars on the forehead and on either sides of your eye. To use press the plate down firmly, stipple paint over the stencil and gently lift up.

Step 7: Finishing Touches

To add some finishing touches you can do some outlining with black liquid eyeliner or black face paint. Add a cat eye to make your eyes standout.

You can add powder glitter or rhinestones. Add a wig and some fun accessories and you are ready for a fabulous Fourth!

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