Fibonacci Pattern of Solar Cells

Introduction: Fibonacci Pattern of Solar Cells

This instructable is a part of a bigger experiment that was performed to comapare the qulitatiive and quantitative performance of an Fibonacci arrangement of solar cells to a conventional planar arrangement.

I’ll be explaining how to arrange solar cells in a Fibonacci pattern. You may use that to perform experimentation purpose or recreational purpose.

Setup Time : 20 mins

Materials Required:

  • Solar cells
  • · A wooden stick
  • · A solid Base
  • · A full protractor or a double-D
  • · Several meters of iron wire
  • · Masking tape
  • · Drill

Step 1: Setting Up the Structure

Step 1: The wooden stick, which acts as a stem, is screwed to a small square base. [Pic]

Step 2: The hole was drilled across the center of full protractor so as to insert it in the wooden stick. The diameter of hole is dependent on the type of stick you are using.

3: Then, full protractor was inserted inside the wooden stick.

Step 2: Fixing the Wires

Step 4:Fix a refrence point, prefrebaly at 0o mark of the Protactor.Place the Iron wire below (Since protactor needs to be moved up subsequently to be taken out) the procator. The iron wire was then carefully bent along the required angles, in this case it was 137.50.

Step 5: Masking tape was pasted on one of the ends of iron wire to prevent it from bending further or falling down.

Step 3: Final Step

Step 6: The steps 3 & 4 were repeated again, until all the wires were bent at appropriate angles.

Step 7: The discrete solar panels were fixed using masking tape at the loose end of wire.

Step 8: To make it aestically pleasing you can cover the wires with PVC tubing and the the wooden stem with masking tape .

Place it under sun or source of light to conduc

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    7 years ago

    This instructable needs the comparison data of you experiment fibo vs planar


    Reply 7 years ago

    Yeah, but that would be covered in another instructable. I'll posting that soon. This instructable only covers the technique to set up a Fibonacci solar pattern. :)