Introduction: Field Stripping a S&W 22A Pistol

Field stripping a pistol is very important to keep it properly clean, and insure all the moving parts are in good working order. This should be done as part of the regular maintenance.

Before getting started please remember to be safe, always keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction even if it is unloaded. Always wear safety glasses when performing this kind of work.

Step 1: Open Action and Inspect the Firearm

Open the action and ensure there are no rounds in the chamber. Remove the magazine if it is still in the firearm.

Step 2: Remove the Barrel Assy.

To remove the barrel assembly depress the button at the front of the grip all the way down. Slowly begin lift up on the barrel assembly while continuing to hold the button down. The barrel should begin to slide up and separate from the grip.

Step 3: Removing the Action and Firing Pin

Once the barrel is completely removed set it aside in a clean place. You can clean the barrel at this time. To remove the action from the grip, use your thumb to push down on the slide release lever while holding the action with your other hand. Slowly allow the slide to move forward until it is off of the frame. At this point you can separate the firing pin and spring from the slide assembly. At this point your 22A is completely field stripped and ready to be cleaned.

Step 4: