Introduction: Fifteens (Irish Fridge Treat)

This quick easy to make non bake fridge treat is fun, messy and tasty.

You will need:

15 Digestive Biscuits

15 Marshmellows

15 Glaze Cherries

Dessicated Coconut

Condensed Milk (roughly 350g)

Step 1: Bash the Biscuit

Smash the biscuits to their dust. You can do this with either a food processor, a bag and rolling pin or just the biscuits in a bowl and a heavy object. Which ever way you prefer.

Step 2: Cut the Cherries and Cherries

Slice the cherries and marshmallows into fours and add to the mix. I cheated here and used mini marshmellows and just quadrupled the amount.

Step 3: Mix and Mash

Mix the dry mixture together before adding the condensed milk. Slowly add and mix till it becomes a smooth consistent mixture. It should still have a wet look to it. If its too dry add more condensed milk. The spoon should be hard to stir but not impossible.

Step 4: Coconut

lay out a piece of tin foil and cover with a layer of dessicated coconut. Get your hands into the mixture and lay a sausage into the middle of the coconut.

Lift either side of the foil to cover the sides and top of the sausage with coconut sprinkling on any bits you can't cover.

Roll the foil into a tube and pinch the ends.

Step 5: Fridge

Place the sausage into the fridge and allow to sit for at least 4 hours.

Will keep for a week if wrapped in cling film.

Step 6: Slice and Enjoy

Cut the sausage into 3/4 inch wide slices, serve and enjoy (especially with a cup of tea).