Introduction: Jet

This is a fighter jet that can be any airplane you want it to be.


  1. 21 white sticks
  2. 6 orange sticks
  3. 8 yellow sticks
  4. 18 yellow circles
  5. 2 red circles
  6. 4 blue connectors
  7. 2 orange “T” connectors
  8. 6 red bendys
  9. 4 purple bendys
  10. 1 green connected
  11. 2 light green swivel connectors

Step 1: Build the Body

build 2 of these

Step 2: Build the Cockpit

  1. after you build the 2 halves of the cockpit frame connect both of the purple bendys that have a light green connected slide on them onto a green connecter, and make sure there is one hole between both of the holes the purple bendys connect onto.

Step 3: Connect the Cockpit Onto the Body

Step 4: Build the Tail

  1. Attach one of the “U” shaped pieces onto the “V” shaped piece right under one of the white sticks.
  2. Attach the other “U” shaped piece onto the top white sticks protruding diagonally upward on the “V” shaped piece right under the white sticks with nothing connecting to them on the second “U” shaped piece you put on.
  3. Attach the rectangle of whites and yellow circles onto the white sticks protruding out of the “U” shaped pieces.
  4. Attach two red bendys on each side of the white rectangle you just attached on the yellow circles with one connection.
  5. Attach two red bendys on the top of the white rectangle you just added With one on each side connecting onto the two holes on top of two whites and on the holes three holes away from a white stick and in the other direction 2 holes from a white stick.

Step 5: Attach the Tail to the Body

Step 6: Build the Wings

Build two of these. It does not matter wether you use red circle connectors or yellow circle connectors.

Step 7: Attach the Wings to the Body

Do this on each side of plane with both wings.

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