Fighter Plane Safe

Introduction: Fighter Plane Safe

About: I am a teenager who is studying Principles of Engineering at DTSMA high school and a future engineer.

This is probably the easiest diversion safe you could ever make. The only part that might be hard is getting the right set. The first thing you need for the safe is a wooden plane set that you will see on the next page. The only thing you need besides that is a dollar bill and some sandpaper (that should be included in the set, but if not, you should get a small piece of fine paper). You don't need to get that exact set, but it would be best.                                                   Please note that I am NOT RESPONSIBLE for anything you decide to do with this thing           

Step 1: 1

Build the set according to the directions provided. Then all you have to do is find the section of the plane in the picture and stuff a dollar in it. Now you have a simple and quite effective diversion safe worthy of a 6 year old.

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