Figure Eight Follow Through Knot

Introduction: Figure Eight Follow Through Knot

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Step 1:

Using your dominant hand, hold the rope so that the ends hang down. The right side of the rope should be slightly longer than the left side. You will be working with the shorter end of the rope, highlighted in blue.

Step 2: Creating the First Figure Eight

Cross the shorter end of the rope in front of and then behind the longer end. Bring the shorter end back to its starting position. This will leave you with a loop at the top of the rope.

Step 3:

Pass the short end of the rope through the loop from front to back.

Step 4:

Release the loop of rope and pull both ends to slightly tighten knot. This will give you your first figure eight knot.

Step 5:

Hold the knot vertically in your non-dominant hand with the short end of the rope pointing down and the long end pointing away from you.

Step 6: Creating the Second Figure Eight

Create a small loop at the bottom of the knot and pass the end of the short rope through the bottom of the knot right next to its exit point. It should be parallel to itself. For the second knot, the rope you will be working with is highlighted in red, while the original rope will be yellow.

Step 7:

Using the short rope, continue retracing your original figure eight knot. Each strand must be parallel to the original knot.

Step 8:

Pull alternating rope strands to slightly tighten the knot.

Step 9: Dressing the Knot

Check the knot to ensure there are five sets of parallel strands.

Step 10:

Ensure that none of the parallels cross over one another. If this problem occurs, fix it by pushing the overlapping strand to the other side of the strand below it.

Step 11:

Tighten alternating rope ends until there are no spaces between any of the strands.

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    5 years ago

    Hello: Could you also tie a figure eight on the blight? Might be faster the re threading the path of the first line. Thanks, Carl.


    5 years ago

    Looks good! :)