Introduction: Filigree Butterfly Ring

This ring uses brass micro screws and nuts to quickly and permanently attach stacked elements. These tiny screws add a bit of mechanical detail to your designs. The filigree pieces are flattened and bent to shape before being screwed together. The nuts used to fasten the screws are on the back of the design and you’ll finish the ring by sanding them smooth for a comfortable fit.

- 1 brass filigree butterfly
- 1 antique brass large dapped filigree oval, 35x42 mm
- 1 vintage watch face, approx. 25 mm (clip off any prongs on back using flush cutters)
- 1 vintage plastic flower, 14 mm
- 1 medium splat charm, 15 mm
- 2 brass micro screws and nuts, ¼ inch

- Flush end cutters
- Flat nose pliers
- Ring mandrel
- Rawhide hammer
- Steel bench block
- Rubber bench block
- Jewelers needle file set

Click Here for a printable version of this tutorial

Step 1: Flatten Oval Filigree

Stack the steel bench block on top of the rubber bench block. Place the large dapped filigree oval on the steel bench block. Using your rawhide hammer pound out the dapping until the filigree is flat.

Step 2: Shape Filigree

Using your hands bend the flattened filigree around the ring mandrel at the appropriate size. Place the ring mandrel on its side and use the rawhide mallet to hammer the ring into shape. You may wish to use the rubber bench block to stabilize the ring mandrel.

Step 3: Connect Filigree Butterfly and Watch Face

Using your fingers bend the tips of the butterfly wings upward as shown. Make sure to leave sufficient flat area in the center of the butterfly for your watch face. Position the butterfly over the oval filigree ring and line up openings in the filigrees. Thread a micro screw through the front of the watch face and then through the butterfly and ring filigree.

Step 4: Add Nut to Screw

Using your flat nose pliers fit a micro nut on the back of the screw and turn the nut to tighten the screw. When the screw is almost completely tight stop and check the position of the butterfly as it may have shifted slightly. Use the remaining micro screw to attach the plastic flower and the brass splat charm on the front of the ring. Tighten the micro nuts on both screws as tight as you can.

Step 5: Trim and File Screw

Using your flush cutters trim off the screws so that the metal is flush with the nut. Use a needle file to completely smooth the metal for a comfortable fit.