Filigree Whirlwind Earrings

Introduction: Filigree Whirlwind Earrings

Step 1: Thread Ribbon Through Filigree

Pass one end of a ribbon section through the edge of one of the large circle filigree, leaving a 4-inch tail. Wrap the ribbon around the filigree’s edge and pass up through the next hole in the filigree. Repeat around the filigree to completely embellish the outside of the circle. Tie both ends of the ribbon together and knot. Trim remaining ribbon. You  may wish to place a small drop of Fray Check on the knot.

Step 2: Thread Beads Onto Filigree

Pass one end of a Soft Flex wire section up through the filigree as shown. String on one of the hex beads and then pass the wire back through the filigree to seat the bead. Pass the wire up through the filigree’s next hole and add another bead. Repeat until you have gone all around the circle, adding 22 beads to the filigree. Pass the wire to the back and knot both ends securely with a square knot. Trim ends.

Step 3: Attach Flower Filigree

Using a jump ring attach the embellished filigree to the petal flower filigree. Open the loop on the bottom of the ear wire and feed it through the top of the flower filigree. Close securely.

Step 4: Repeat to Make Second Earring

Repeat to make second earring.

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