Filled Minute Steak



Introduction: Filled Minute Steak

Minute steak, or cube steak, is a cut of meat that comes from the top round(butt end) of a cow. Thinly sliced, it cooks very quickly, hence the name minute steak. It is an affordable piece of meat, that easily can be spruced up to become more appetizing.

You will need(per serving):

One minute steak

Spices of your choice

Filling of you choice

One piece of uncooked spaghetti, or four wooden toothpicks

Step 1: Season Your Meat

Start by seasoning both sides of the steak. What you use to season the meat is up to you, simply use the spices that you like, don't use the ones you don't like. I prefer to use chili powder, juniper berries, green, rosé and black pepper and salt.

Step 2: Fill and Fold You Meat

Add the fillings to the upper half of the steak and fold the lower half over. The fillings you use is, just like the spices, up to you. Some kind of flavourful sausage and a mild cheese is in my opinion a winning combination. In the picture above there is mozzarella cheese mixed with spinach, and salami.

Step 3: Stitch You Meat

After folding the steak over, "stitch" the edges together using either a spaghetti broken into four pieces, or four toothpicks. This is a little tricky to do, and even trickier to photograph without a extra pair of hands. Hold the two edges of the steak with one hand and, with your other, push and twist the piece of spaghetti at an angle into the meat. Once it exits the other side, gently tilt it up and into the meat once again. This is easier to do with a toothpick as the spaghetti may break. If it does break, it is no catastrophe, as long as the edges of the steak stays somewhat together. If you do use toothpicks, remember to remove them after the meat has cooked, before you serve the steak. The spaghetti pieces will cook as the meat cooks, and will not need to be removed.

Step 4: Fry Your Meat

Fry the steak the same way you would fry any other piece of meat. Add some butter to a hot frying pan, and once the butter is melted and goes quiet, add the meat. If you are cooking several steaks, allow some 30 seconds to pass between adding each steak, as adding one steak to the frying pan lowers the temperature. Once the one side is browned flip the steak over and allow the other side to brown. In a sufficiently hot pan, this happens very quickly. When the meat is cooked to your preference remove it from the frying pan and let it rest.

In the first and second picture above, you can see how the edges of the steaks have been sewn together.

Step 5: Eat Your Meat

Bon appetit!

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