Introduction: Filling Your Golf Bag With the Essentials

With a new golf season right around the corner it is important to start the season anew with fresh clubs. A fresh set of clubs does not imply that a new set is necessary but rather a cleaned up and new look to the set that is probably still mud stained from last year’s hacks and heroics. By simply cleaning up the equipment that is already owned, players can save hundreds of dollars and still achieve the new equipment feel. To prepare for the new season, there are three steps that can make your current equipment feel like new: a new set of grips, a clean set of clubs, and a fully stocked golf bag. Each of these three will be touched on in this piece to provide you, the golfer, with the feel of a fresh start for the new season.

Filling your golf bag with the essentials:

Items needed:

· Water bottle

· Golf glove

· Tee bag

· Golf balls

· Sunscreen

· Bug repellant

· Towel

· Sound maker

· Flask

Step 1: First It Is Necessary to Clean Everything Out of Your Golf Bag.

Make sure to check every pocket. If you have to, you can hang that low round card in your man cave. I would also suggest going outside and flipping the bag over to get out any debris that might have gotten into your bag such as pine needles, leaves, or that candy bar you thought you lost.

Step 2: The First Essential Item Every Golfer Needs to Pack Is a Water Bottle. for Those Hot Days When Hydration Will Keep You on the Top of Your Game.

Step 3: Next Is an Optional Item But Our Group Finds It Very Helpful. the Golf Glove Is a Great Tool to Have in Your Bag As It Provides Needed Grip and Makes You Feel Like a Tour Pro.

Step 4: The Next Two Items Go Hand in Hand. the First Golf Move That You Will Be Doing Involves Both a Tee and a Ball. It Always Helps to Keep Your Tees in a Small Baggie So That Your Bag Is Organized and You Will Be Able to Tell When You Are Running Low.

Step 5: Safety Is Always Key While on the Golf Course and the Next Two Pieces to a Successful Bag Is Sunscreen and Bug Repellent.

It is recommended to get a small travel sized bottle of both so they are easy to fit in your bag and can also be refilled with a larger one you might have at home. Two options for bug repellents are vanilla extract and Absorbing Junior and can be found at a local grocery store. These really help deter the pesky little gnats that always seem to follow you.

Step 6: Another Essential Item to Have on Your Bag Is a Towel. Be Sure to Clean Yours Clubs After Taking a Nice Divot Out or Finding Yourself in a Sand Trap.

Step 7: Most Golfers Like to Go Out With Their Friends and What Are Friends If You Can’t Have a Little Fun With Them? This Tool Is a Noise Maker That Has Everything From Sirens to Fart Noises and Make Sure to Use It on a Real High Pressure Situation.

Step 8: Finally, There Is Every (of Age) Golfer’s Personal Favorite Item--the Flask.

Some may not see this as an essential but when filled with the correct beverage of choice, the flask can make all of the bad shots disappear, or make them even worse. Remember to enjoy responsibly and always have a designated driver.

Step 9: There You Have It Folks. Your Equipment Is Now Prepped and You Are Now Ready for Your First Round of Golf of the New Year!