Save Way Home - With Simple Node.js Server on Intel Edison

Introduction: Save Way Home - With Simple Node.js Server on Intel Edison


On kids way home, something may go wrong and kids will be late.

Schedule a time and notify parents when they are not home by that time!


Use your mobile phone or web to register a time you will check in again and notify friends and family if you fail to check in by that time!

Cloud server on Intel Edison to manage timer and notification.

Client can register through phone or web app.

Step 1: Setup Intel Edison

Setup your Intel Edison

Access Linux console on Edison through serial port

Now you should be able to manipulate Edison as a mini Linux PC

Step 2: Connect Edison to Internet Resource

Connect your Edison to internet through wifi

Remember your IP address on LAN

Optional: install git on Edison to access ready made node.js application

Here's a simple one I made for other demo on github

Step 3: Run Node.js Web Server

Start it as normal node.js application, "npm install" than "npm start" in the demo case

Access your Edison server through Internet

It acts like node.js server you've seen, in the demo I use the express framework

Have been test accessing on LAN, client side browser and Edison server results are shown in picture

Here is only data server sample demo, see the full "Save Way Home" application on Hack NTU 2015 Event!

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    Interesting way to use an edison. Could you share a little more about how you made it. If you have any more pictures that would really help people to follow along


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for advice! I've updated more detail and screen shots about setting up web server on Edison.