Finger Crochet (only 3 Steps)

Introduction: Finger Crochet (only 3 Steps)

in this instructable, I will be showing you how to finger crochet. this is WAAAAAAAY easier than knitting or normal crochet. so if you have so time and some yarn, read on !!. This is the perfect thing to do if you are bored. you can make lots of these to decorate your Christmas tree as ornaments!!


all you need is a ball of yarn and your hands!!

Step 1: 1.

first, get your yarn .then loop the yarn around all 4 fingers as if your hand is a loom. this is a little hard to explain using words. loop around your finger going in and out of the spaces in between your fingers. when you get to your pinkie finger to the same thing going left. repeat this until you have 2 loops that you can see on the front of the fingers. this step is simar to weaving. when you are done with this step tuck the tail of the string between your thumb.

Step 2: Start!!

now pull the bottom loop on your pointer finger OVER your top loop. do the same with the other fingers. then loop the string around your fingers again from step 2. keep doing this and your project will start to grow so you can see it.

Step 3: Finsh!

keep doing steps 2 and 1 until your project is the is desired length. to finish this row make sure that each finger only has one loop. take the loop from the pointer finger and slide it onto the middle finger. bring the first loop on the middle finger and bring it over the second loop that you just put on. do the same thing with the other fingers until there is just one loop on your pinky finger. slide off the loop on your pinky finger carefully. cut the string that you were using from the ball of yarn. insert it through the loop, you just took off and tie it up. And there you go you just finished your first row. soon I will put out instructable about how to make more rows for your finger crochet.

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Tip 1 year ago

you could also cut these into different shapes for thanksgiving.