Introduction: Fire Dragon

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This is dangerous!
Keep ready a fire-extinguisher!
Never use indoors!
Keep a distance from people, animals and everything!
Wear non-inflammable clothes!

Step 1: Preparing the Trigger

Bend a wire so that it fits onto a gas can (as seen in the picture)

Take a little piece of wood, drill two holes into it and glue (epoxy recommended) the wire in for a handle.

Step 2: Preparing the Dragon

Find an appropriate dragon and a small rubber tube (small enough to fit onto the nozzle of the gas can)

Insert the tube into a slightly bigger metal tube and glue into the mouth of the dragon.

(this is important to insure more accurate and safer targeting)

Fill the head with foam (maybe from an old mattress) and cut a hole large enough to insert the gas can into.

Step 3: Assemble All Together

Put a small washer on the nozzle

Put the trigger on

Put a spring ( from a ink pen) onto the tube (this must fit tightly)

Place the tube onto the nozzle securing it with the spring (this is an important safety measure)

Put the can upsite down inside the dragon.

Step 4: Have Fun

YouTube Video

Use a torch to ignite the gas or a long candle or a gas oven lighter.

A normal lighter is too short you will burn your hand!

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