Introduction: Fire Flower Necklace and Earrings

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I was playing new super Mario bros. DS, I had seen my friend play it so I knew what to do. I just got my second fire flower. I was thinking, "what would these look like as an accessory.
This is a DIY instructable for making a new super Mario bros. fire flower necklace and earring set

Step 1: What You'll Need

You will need:
Red polymer clay (fimo)
Yellow polymer clay (fimo)
White polymer clay (fimo)
Green polymer clay (fimo) Polymer clay tool
Earring hooks
Necklace chain
Permanent black marker
Chain hooks
White acrylic paint.

Step 2: The Face

First, get some of your red clay and mold into a sort of red blood cell kind of shape. Mostly into a sort of oval like in picture 1. After that, use some of the yellow clay and make a ring and place it on top of the red like in picture 2. Then, with the white clay, make an ellipsoid (egg) shape and place it in the middle like picture 3. Also take one of the chain hooks and place it on the top. Also like in picture three

Step 3: The Stem

Make a long strand of green from the clay. Then make two tear shaped leaves with the green clay. Make a light line on the top of the leaves like in picture 3. Then, place the leaves onto the stem like picture 4. Then place it onto the face like picture 5

Step 4:

Once you're done, make two slightly smaller ones. Then put them on tin foil. Place the foil onto a baking sheet. Place into the oven at 275*F for 15 minutes. Then place eyes on the face using the permanent marker. Then if you want to, dab a dot of white paint on the top right part of the eyes using a toothpick. Put them on the earring hooks and chain and you have completed your fire flower earrings and necklace set.

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