Introduction: Fishing Line Cookie

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Up here on the Great Lakes, spring is blooming and the fishing is a boomin! The only way to catch them is to grab your pole pole and go get em!

Now, I like to keep a collapsible rod and reel and a small Otterbox for tackle in my truck. I like to keep things simple, that's why I designed this small line cookie to keep 30' of extra line on hand for rigging up lures and such.

It can be printed in about an hour or so, and it is oh so handy!


You will need for this project....Flexible filament, like TPU or TPE.

Step 1: The Design

I designed this in Fusion 360, which is really intuitive to use. As you can see, this isn't a complicated design, but it is effective and compact.

A quick word on Fusion 360. As a hobbyist or student you can download a free copy to use. There are tons of videos on YouTube that take you from beginner to some pretty advanced stuff.

Step 2: The Print

Your printer settings will vary, but I used TPE, a 0.6mm Nozzle at 228°C, Bed 40° C, layer height 0.2mm, width 0.72mm, flow at 102%, infill 100%.

No cooling rafts or brims. Print time was 1 hour 14 minutes.

I used a 0.6mm nozzle for a few of reasons. First, I was printing with wood filament and you need a larger nozzle to avoid clogging, and it was already on there. Second, for parts like this, that do not require high resolution, print times are quicker. Lastly, I was lazy and didn't feel like changing to my 0.4mm nozzle.

Step 3: Wind Up Some Line

To use simply pinch two of the ears back and start winding. Depending how much line, and how tight you wind it, it will deform a bit, but that's ok.

As is, this cookie can hold up to 30 ft of line. Plenty for tying up lures and hooks.

You can also use this in your EDC as a fishing kit. Add a fly and some split shot and you can handline Brook trout and panfish all day long

Step 4: Hard Plastics?????

Can you print these with ABS, PLA, PTEG? Sure! Why not! The holes and slots are big enough to accomodate the line. You just need to wind it a little differently.

Step 5: Go Fish

Well, there ya go. Hopefully this spurred you to go out and enjoy the great outdoors!

Happy Printing.....Happy Fishing!


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