Introduction: Fishtail Rubber Band Bracelet (no Loom Needed)

Step 1: Gather Materials

-Rubber Bands (as many colors as you wish)
-S or C clip
-Your fingers!

Step 2: First

First get your first rubber band twist it to make an infinity sign put your finger through each hole
Then add two more bands (do not twist these)

Step 3: Getting Started

Now grab the bottom band from one side and put it over your finger it should end up in the middle. Do the same for the other side's bottom band

Step 4: Putting on the Clip

Grab the band you just put in the middle and just slide in the clip

Step 5: Just Keep Adding

All you have to do is keep adding bands always taking the bottom band and putting it over your fingers

Step 6: Don't Forget to Stretch

Be sure to stretch it out every so often so you can start getting the length you want

Step 7: Finally

After reaching desired length pull the last two bands and slide in the other side of the clip