Fishtail Bracelet – Easy Friendship Bracelets DIY26

Introduction: Fishtail Bracelet – Easy Friendship Bracelets DIY26

Step 1: Fold the Orange Cord in Half and Tie a Double Connection Knot So That You Have a Loop.

Step 2: Fold Your Knotting Cord (pink Cord) in Half to Find the Center and Place It Under the Knot.

Step 3: Take the Left Pink Knotting Cord and Weave It Over the Left Strand of Orange Cord and Then Under the Right Orange Cord.

Step 4: Now, Grab the Top Strand on the Right Side and Weave It Over the Right Orange Cord and Under the Left Orange Cord.

Step 5: Keep Working in the Same Pattern (over-under-pull, Over-under-pull) Until You Reach the Half Length of Your Wrist. Then String a Heart-shaped Charm Pendant.

Step 6: Continue to Braid Until You Reach the Desired Length.

Step 7: When You Get to the End, Tie the Two Strands of Knotting Cord in a Knot at the Bottom. and Trim the Excess Cords, Burn the Tail of Cords to Ensure That the Bracelet Will Never Be Slipped Off.

Step 8: Tie an Overhand Knot After String the Silver Flat Bead.

Step 9: Trim the Excess Cords and Burn the Tail of Cords.

Step 10: Done It!

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    6 years ago

    What kind of cord is that?
    Cute bracelet, by the way! =)