Fishtail Loom Bracelet

Introduction: Fishtail Loom Bracelet

About: i am a 13 year old girl doing rainbow loom tutorials and maybe other crafts i don't know please like me and follow me for more i try to do them atleast once a week there might be more than one but if your not …

hi guys this is a easy bracelet read on for more info.

Step 1: Supplies

this is my second tutorial i have been a user for ages but hadn't had any ideas to make loom band bracelets but i have alot of designs to put on here and i will try to put them on here i'll try my best to take good photos but i use my computers camera i'm gonna try and do a loom bracelet at least once a week that is a tutorial it may be more i don't know if i have time i might do more maybe even more than one a day? i've been able to do them alot because i was off school for an eye op and school's back so are try and make alot whenever i can so the supplies you will need are roughly 50 bands for a average size hand i just picked a random amount of bands because i go and get them if i need more one hook metal or plastic s or c clip i perfer s clips.

Step 2: Right Let's Get Started

so you get your band and twist it into a figure of 8 then put it on to your loom this requires 2 pins then keep it in a figure of 8 and get another band and put it on without a figure of 8 and then put another one on. Just to let you know you can use as many colours as you want for this bracelet Once you've got 3 bands on grab the bottom band which should be the figure of 8 and grab each side and pull over then put on another band and grab both sides and keep doing this until your bracelet is long enough to come off the loom your choice of size.

Step 3: Now Your Bracelet Is Finished

you need to get both sides and keep hold of them put them both on one finger and get a s clip and make sure all the bands are together in the s clip now let go and hook the other side there you've finished any funny bits that's fine if your bracelet falls apart you've done this wrong thanks and it's easy so not many steps thanks.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    We could do with the big chunks of text broken down into smaller steps, with a few extra photos to the details you mention.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    ok thanks for the feedback i will make the tutorial again much better exlained and my bracelet and lots more i was rushing sorry i will spare atleast an hour so i can explain a little more thanks that really helps.