Fix Blinking Signal From Lml Star 125 4t

Introduction: Fix Blinking Signal From Lml Star 125 4t

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If you have a scooter/motorcicle, some times..... some problems must be solve fast, or you can not enjoy your byke for your next ride!!!

this problem append to me one year ago and my mecanich solve it very easly, today, it append again and my mecanich are on vacation...... well...let start a DIY repair!!!!!! hands on the job and lets go!!!!

Step 1: Open Box of Binking Signal

turn off your bike and with a screw driver, open the blinking signal box.

Step 2: Identify Broken Wires

look at the wires.... some of them may be broken..... this are the wire we must solder again.

Step 3: Prepare Tools

screw driver

spare wires

portable solder tool or other

cutting wire tool

Step 4: Prepare New Wire

as the original wire are too short, cut wires as need to make longer the broken wires, this is to get easyer to solder them to the right place. please see next video

Step 5: Final!!!! Success!!!!

Solder the previously identified wires carefully so as not to overheat the board, otherwise you can burn it!

If you did it wright, you should see all the blinking signal working good!

enjoy your next ride with safety!

thanks for watching.

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