Fix BObsweep's Main Brush Motor

Introduction: Fix BObsweep's Main Brush Motor

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This guide includes video and text steps for installing a new main brush motor in a bObsweep Standard or Pethair vacuum.

Step 1: Open Up BObsweep Standard or Pethair

There will be six or seven screws on bObsweep's underside which hold the cover together

First, remove the main brush. Uninstall the screw holding it on Bob, then lift it up and you will find two holes in the brush compartment. Remove the screws found in each hole.

Note: Depending on your model, there may be only one screws in the brush compartment.

Then there will be two screws near the front wheel, one on the left and one on the right.

One screw is found on the right end of the brush.

The final two screws are close to the dust bin.

When all are removed, flip Bob over and lift the cover up.

Step 2: Disconnect the Cover

Slide the power inlet on Bob's side out of its holder.

Disconnect three circuit plugs which attach the cover components to Bob's main board.

  1. The multicoloured connector at the top right side of the main board.
  2. The red, black, and while plug on the bottom left of the main board.
  3. The all white circuit plug to the right of the previous connector.

Set the cover aside.

Step 3: Remove the Main Brush Motor From Bob

The brush motor connects to the main board in front of Bob's left wheel. It sits in two small square holders.

Lift the motor straight up, then unplug the connector from the main board. It has two pairs of twisted wires: one pink and white, the other red and black.

Step 4: Place the New Motor in Bob

Slide the new motor down in the holder inside bObsweep and plug it in on the left side of the main board.

Step 5: Reconnect the Cover's Circuit Plugs to the Main Board

Plug the multicoloured connector in at the top of the main board.

Attach the red, black, and white wired plug on the bottom left.

The all white connector plugs in to the centre of the bottom row.

Slide the power inlet back into its space on the side of Bob's cover.

Step 6: Replace and Secure the Cover Together.

Lay the cover down flat, and align bObsweep's edges precisely.

Reinstall all the cover screws around the underside.

Note: Depending on your bObsweep model, there may be only one screw in the brush compartment.

Step 7: Install BObsweep's Main Brush

Re-install the main brush before setting bObsweep to clean again.

  1. Attach the end piece first.
  2. Put the square end in the square space inside bObsweep, then lower the brush in place.
  3. Install the screw securely.

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