Introduction: Fix Broken UMD Disks

Have you ever broken your beloved UMD game and can't play it anymore? Well here's a fix to that, all you need is thin a flat-head screwdriver and superglue.

Step 1: Here's How You Do It

Now see if your UMD case is "fixable".If the case was just split in half or the clear plastic cover with "UMD" printed was pushed in, then you don't have to buy one.
If your UMD case is cracked or badly damaged, buy a replacement from here.

Note: if the case of the UMD was just split into half go directly to step 4

1.start by slowly opening the broken case, the flathead screwdriver may help.
then get the UMD out and place on a surface that is flat and smooth (NOT THE FLOOR!) printed side down.

2. for ones that the UMD plate at front messed up, just pop it back into it's original position and apply some glue on the edge where the clear plastic meets white plastic. Then put the disk in, close the case and put some glue along the side.Look at photo for description.

3. for ones that got the new case(s). open the new case, put the disk in and pop it close. You may need to apply a small amount of glue around the side to seal it.

4. for ones that case is split in half, close the case and simply apply glue around the side.

Step 2: Done!

You're done! I hope the instructable has helped fix your UMDs, any questions or comments are appreciated