Fix IPhone Stuck in Recovery After Update (OTA / ITunes)

Introduction: Fix IPhone Stuck in Recovery After Update (OTA / ITunes)

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When You Update Your iPhone,iPad,iPod Or Any iDevice Most Of The Time The Update Will Go Flawlessly And With Out Any Errors.But, Sometimes The Update Will Get Wrong Or Get Errors And Take Your iDevice Into Recovery Mode And Stuck In There Forever.After That Your iDevice Can't Do Anything Can't Boot To IOS Nor Getting Out Of Recovery Mode.So Don't Take Tension I'm Here For You I'll Help You Get Through This Situation But, First Of All Make Sure Your Device Goes To Recovery Mode After An Update Not After Restore Or Any Jailbreak Tweak.This Tutorial Is For Those Who Has Not A Proper Backup And Are Afraid Of Losing Their Data Without Restoring.This Tutorial Is Not For Any JAILBREAKED iDevices That Has Gone To Recovey After A Unstable Tweak And I'M NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE TO YOUR iDevice (Nothing Wrong Will Happen To Your Device If You Follow The Tutorial Rightly.It Is Checked On iPhone 5C And Worked Flawlessly Without Restore) If You're Sure So Let's Move On To The Steps :-

Step 1: Turn Off Your IDevice

First of all turn off your device by holding power and home button simultaneously for 5 seconds and charge it for 1 hour to get enough battery life during the process.

Step 2: Connect Your Device to Computer

After the charging connect your device to computer/mac and open itunes.but when you open it you will see a pop up that you iphone is in recovery and has o be restored in order to use it.Don't restore your device and disconnect your device from computer.

Step 3: Restart 5 Times

Now after you disconnect your device restart it 5 times by the method in STEP 1.

Step 4: Connect Again to PC/MAC

Connect your device to Pc/Mac and open itunes and now you'll get Update or Restore buttons in the pop up select update button and wait till the update file finishes to download.

Step 5: Install Like Normal Update

Install your update like normal and suddenly your iphone will get to your lockscreen with your own wallpaper.That's It You've Got Your Device Out Of recovery.HURRAAAAAAY.Comment For problems.

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