Introduction: Flaming Skull Shots

Flaming Skull Shots are a spooky way to delight your guests on Halloween.

Once you've learned How To Serve Absinthe you can move on to more interesting ways of displaying the flames.

You Will Need:



Apple Corer

Apple Peeler

Sharp Paring Knife

Lemon Juice


Simple Syrup

Step 1: Core and Peel

Use your apple corer to make a shotglass-sized hole in the centre of your apple. Don't go right through the apple, just approximately halfway down. Peel the apple and coat with lemon-juice. Remember to get the lemon juice into the core as well.

Step 2: Carve and Fill

Carve your apple into the shape of a skull and add a little more lemon juice to the freshly-exposed areas.

Fill the core with a shot of absinthe. Mix a bit of simple syrup into the absinthe before-hand to improve the palatability.

Step 3: Flaming Finale

Turn out the lights and ignite the absinthe in your skulls using a long match.

Serve the flaming skulls to your guests and let them blow out the flames before downing their firewater. Once everyone has had enough they can go ahead and eat their shotglasses.

Happy Halloween!

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