Introduction: Flash Bow V1

instructions for Flash Bow V1

In these instructions it will teach you how to make my crossbow which i haved named "Flash Bow" this crossbow was design to be very easy to make for the begginers out there but also pack alot fo power and durability.

Phase 1 will show you how to make the basic design of the bow were phase 2 wil show you how to upgrade the bow into "Flash Bow V2" which is stronger, and looks better, phase 3 will shwo you how to make a stock and a tripod for it, which will have to customizable heights

V1 is recomended for people with less knex to spare

Section 1- Making of the body

Section 2- Making of the triger/handle

Section 3- Making of the arms

Section 4- How to make V2

Step 1: Body

1- Make 2 of these
2- Make 2 of these
3- Make 1 of these

4- This step is VERY important as you cna see we must make the runner heigher so teh bolt can sit in it hiegher, to do this i glued layers of thin plastic to it, you can do this is any way you liek as long as it works.

Not sure how well this bow will work without doing this step so please any feedback would be apreciated.

Note: This also allows teh bullet to run along a smoother run rather than hitting the small connections between the orange connectors.

5- Combine step 1,2 and 3 to look like this
6- Add the other 2 sides you should have made in step 1 and 2

Step 2: Trigger/handle

1- make this
2- make this

3- Take teh Whiet cirlce connector off to fit teh trigger into this space this should be pretty easy.

4- simply attach the trigger

Step 3: Arms

1- Make 2 of these
2- Showing top view of step 1
3- Makes this
4- Attach Step 1 and 3
5- Attach step 4 to the base of the bow adn use blue spacers were promted
6- Do this to eash sode of the arms

Step 4: Upgrade to V2

Coming Soon

Step 5: Stock/Tripod

Coming Soon