Introduction: Flashing LED Railroad Lights Made With 555 Timer

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Hey there this is a small circuit i put together with a 555 timer, a few LEDS,some resistors and capacitors.

Check it out, Build it and tell me if it works.


Step 1: Get the Parts!!1

A word of caution:

This project is not for people with photosensitive epilepsy.

Thank you.

Parts Required:

R1 and R4: 470 Ohm x 2

C1: 47 uF

C2: 1 uf

IC: 555 timer

Battery:9V battery

2 switches


Solder( i use lead free rosin core solder)

A soldering iron

Soldering flux

Step 2: Build the Circuit

Build the circuit on a breadboard first, then break out the soldering iron and the perfboard.

You can download the fritzing file, or just look at the circuit diagram here.

Step 3: You're Done!

Here's how the circuit should look.

Basically the two switches switch the current flowing between the capacitors.This can be used to control the speed of the flashing light.Oh, and i used two LED's on both sides, just for fun :P You can do that too, but make sure it's in parallel and not series.Also, avoid mixing different powered LED's.

Questions and comments are always welcome.

Thanks for viewing my instructable! It's my first, and i hope you enjoyed/learnt something!