Introduction: Flashlight Hands-free Holder, Mini Lanyard

How to make a simple elastic lanyard that can be used for fastening
a mini flashlight (size 1 AAA) to different objects when you want hands free light.
( can also be used for 1 AA flashlights, just increase loop sizes a bit )

 When attached to a bottle cap the flashlight can be pointed up- or downwards
 by placing the smallest loop at the front or rear of the flashlight like shown .

Step 1:

Materials :
- A small split ring/ key ring
- Elastic cord (shock cord), diameter/size 2,5 mm or 3/32 inch, length: 40 cm .

Slide on the split ring and make the large loop, length 70 mm ( measured when straightened), tighten the knot hard as shown to preserve the loop size (pulling on both sides of the knot will change the loop size)

Make the 2 smaller loops (35 and 20 mm) and tighten the knots hard as shown previously, cut off the cord ends and melt them with a lighter .

Original DIY page

Link to a "headlamp" version shown in the last image

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Step 2: